BiNet USA is a non-profit organization run by a Black LGBT Conservative named Faith Cheltenham (ex). With this blog post she identifies that she has done a #walkaway from the progressive movement and now identifies as a Christian conservative. 

Due to her re-found belief she will be sharing the entirety of her files, photos and all emails, text messages and social media direct messages from all parties between 1995 and 2020 to shed further light on abuses and bullying she experienced. 

FCX asks for your help in identifying predators in the LGBT community and bad actors working within journalism today. Due to the length of time she spent organizing in multiple movements, this file leak to address corruption, collusion and abuse of minors is part of work she is doing as a federal whistleblower reporting on LGBT and progressive communities.

More to come.

Faith Cheltenham, ex

BiNet USA President


  1. Wow you just went full on down the alt-right Q-hole because people called you on your bullshit, didn't you? Destroying an important organization's legacy wasn't enough for you, you couldn't even leave it to Juba like you said you were going to and step away. Instead, you had to drag its rotten corpse to join up with the people trying to kill BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Individuals. They're not going to spare your rights because you crawled down and kissed their jackboots. I'd say I worried for your mental health, but I don't believe you're out of your mind. I don't think you "snapped". I think this is always who you've been, a deeply petty and spiteful individual who's decided to join up with the biggest bullies she can after getting some pushback.

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